How can you get a US study visa with a US embassy?

An embassy is responsible for checking the reliability of candidates who want to go to the US and need the US study visa. Since a lot of information is sought from the candidate before such a visa is given to him. Such interviews can be tough. So, a study visa consultant can let you know what such visa interviews can be like:

These questions include like why you have chosen a certain university.  The student should know at least something about the university like who are the professors of this university and all that.

  • An F1 visa is needed once the student decides to pursue a long-term course from the US. This F1 visa is a
  • If he has no such visa need and only needs to do an academic course from this country, he needs an M1 study visa. This kind of visa need is there when you have to do a vocational course from this country. Such kinds of courses are available in this country in the different streams of Agriculture, Horticulture and Veterinary Medicine. Vocational courses can also be done in Computer science from the US also.

The candidate can also opt for countries such as Canada or Australia for studies. So, if he has chosen the US, he should better be prepared to answer questions about his decision.

Therefore the candidate should have all the information available to him about the university which has given him admission. Without such information, no visa interview can be cleared.

Sometimes, the candidate has not applied for the first time to the US.  If he has applied to the US two or three times before and has seen his application getting rejected in that case, he to inform the visa officers who are taking his interview about how many times he has been rejected or if he has also done a course before from the US.  During a study visa interview with the US embassy, the candidate should have proper documents.  

Documents needed to get the US study visa easily

The candidates should be able to show his bank account statements also. These statements are necessary because otherwise without them the candidate won’t be eligible to go to the US. He can only go to this country once he the US government gets to understand that he will go back to India once he is over with his studies. Once the US government does not foresee this possibility, the candidate  can’t get this visa. At the time of visa application, a candidate can, therefore, show an employment waiting for him in the home country once his prospective course in the US is about to end.  Such documents can also include any documents which show that you have funds to meet your fees while you are in this country.  So, you should have bank account statements showing that you have the fee money present with you.

There are specific visa forms which need to be submitted by a student to get a US study visa. The candidate should know that the US study visa is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and specific preparations are needed for the same.

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