How can an embassy help you?

A national embassy is a ray of hope for someone who is visiting a foreign country for the first time. For example, the US embassy in India does a lot of jobs for the Indians who want to go to US. Also, there are Americans who visit India and can face problems. When any American has visited India and get into trouble because his passport is missing, he can get in touch with the American embassy situated here. He can get his passport reissued to him by the embassy.

On the other hand, Indians can get assistance in getting information about the right investment programs present in US. All this information is given to them by the US embassy in India. Any Indian who wants to know about the study visa programs of this country is also given the option through the Embassy of US. The US embassy is India is situated in Mumbai, Kolkata,  Bandra, Hyderabad, Chennai and in other cities also. The candidates get all the information from a US embassy about the visas for this country. A US embassy helps people get here. So, candidates can be interviewed here if they want to receive visas for education to this country. So, if someone decides to get a F1 study visa to this country, he is interviewed at the US embassy in India for this purpose. Any one who wants to get the tourist visa of US has to prepare himself for interview at this embassy. The questions which pertain to a study visa interview at the consulate are quite specific. The candidates who need tourism based visas to go to US can also get them through the US embassy. The student, who has to study in US should know why he  decided to pursue education in US and not in any other country in the world. The student should have the complete answers to such questions because the embassy officers want to know the answers for the same.

What does an embassy do?

A home embassy is a source of help to the candidates who visit a foreign country. The candidates feel as if they are at home.

There are many critical employees who are part of an embassy. Such employees include the ambassador of another country and various other kinds of support officers. The main role of an ambassador, is to make sure, that the all the officers of his homeland who are working in the foreign country work together in coordination. The staff of an embassy takes care of all the federal staff, which has been appointed in a foreign country.

The embassy is supposed to take care of the, students who are going to arrive in US. They are also keen to check whether the student will have some problems mingling with the varying cultures of US and India. So, the students have to tell the authorities about the scores they had in the IELTS or the TOEFL exams. Embassy officials check the previous degree held by the candidate and his GPA.

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