An embassy in a foreign land can help you so much

A foreign embassy has  a lot of functions to perform. This includes taking care of the ministers of the home country when they travel abroad. So, they have a huge responsibility on the shoulders.

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They take also care of average people other than dignitaries arriving from their own home country. So, if you are going to some other country, an embassy can take care of you. 

Location of an embassy

However it may be tough for someone to find the embassy for someone who has come to another country unless and until he is in the capital of this country. The Embassy’s tasks include helping its own natives manage any kind of money transfer they need to make.

Apart from that, it also, issues birth certificates if anyone who is from the home country, has a delivery abroad. So, it’s the responsibility of a foreign embassy to issue a birth certificate to this person from the home country.

An embassy can help you with all the regulations once you are in a foreign home. Any untoward incident happens with you and the foreign embassy helps you cope up.  However, it’s important that you always travel to a foreign country with a photocopy of your passport. This photocopy should have been kept in the home country. So, even if you mislay your passport in the foreign land, your own embassy in this country, can help you in getting another one. And you have the copy of the passport, in the home country to present as a proof.

If you want to cast your vote in elections from a foreign land, you can do so through your home country’s embassy. Suppose an American has travelled to India at the time of elections in his home country and wants to cast his vote from India, the US embassy in this case can help him with this. This kind of voting is called an absentee ballot. You can also pay your taxes in a foreign land, with the embassy of your home country. Once you are in a foreign land, even if you meet with an accident, you can get all the help. You can be helped to find a hospital in that case. The candidates can also get all the legal help before initializing a business in a foreign land. Its because the document submission is important in the right manner because otherwise problems can occur later for you. You can also get a loan in  case you are in a foreign land from your home country through an embassy. They can arrange your meeting with the bank located in your home country.

However an embassy can’t help once you are imprisoned in a foreign land. This might happen in movies but it does not happen in real. So, the embassy has only limited responsibilities.

An embassy can also issue marriage certificates once you marry a foreigner abroad. However, for all the immigration related formalities arising after your marriage, you have to contact the visa authorities of your home land.

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